Friday, March 12, 2010

The Waste Administration Unit

- "How would you like your trash sir?"

"Well, what have you got today?"

-"Of course the usual self-pity, fault-finding, and also a whole heap of senseless frustration"

"Heaven knows I've got plenty of that, but today I'm looking for something special"

-"Well, since you're such a regular customer I don't mind telling you that for a little extra I could get you a pile of self-doubt or even a mound of complaining compost"

"I'll take a little of that, I don't mind the fee for something I find so valuable, go ahead and bag me a little of all of it"

-"Gladly sir, will you be paying with mental anguish or disappointing those around you?"

"I'll just go with mental anguish today, I've already lost credit with most everyone I know"

-"As you like sir, your purchase is ready for you"

"Thanks, this should be enough to get me through the day!"

- "See you tomorrow sir"

1 comment:

  1. That is NOT a conversation with Heavenly Father. ;) Very clever, cous. [I would compliment you by saying that this sounded by John Bytheway, but I know you'd take that as offense, so I won't say it.]